Conquer Cold Anywhere and Anytime

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“Passion is what defines true pioneers. Not skill. Not the size of the mountains they play on. It’s their joy. This makes the great outdoors the Greater Outdoors.” — Columbia Sportswear Company™



A century ago, when one goes out for winter activities, wool was the fabric of choice. Nowadays, the trend leans towards high tech fabrics for sportswear. Even for winter sports. Synthetics are in when it comes to performance clothes.

Founded in 1938, Columbia Sportswear has grown from a small family-owned hat distributorship to one of the world's largest sportswear brands. It is a fashion pioneer and high-tech pioneer in sportswear field. It is well known for understanding what people wanted. It is known for creating chic, sophisticated, wearable comfortable clothes that outdoorsman would wear.


Columbia SportswearCompany has developed Omni-Tech which is a waterproof and breathable three layer protection system that keeps the wet/cold out and your body warmth in. Stay with the Columbia Sportswear which featuring Omni-Tech and Tech-Lite material. In the windy cold winter, we're here to outfit you in high tech comfort, style, and function so you can Get Out There and enjoy!

Columbia Sportswear was one of the first companies in the industry to make jackets out of waterproof and breathable fabric. Columbia Sportswear has always been committed to providing innovative and dependable products. And they continue to be at the forefront of breakthrough technology designed to increase performance.


Stay with the Columbia Sportswear which will help you counter cold anywhere and anytime. Columbia Sportswear takes your performance and love of the active lifestyle to the next level.